Alternate Reality: The City - Atari ST

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Kidnapped by an alien spaceship, you find yourself in a room with only one exit. Through this opalescent doorway is the City of Xebec's Demise. Overhead is a panel displaying constantly changing numbers. At the moment you pass through, the numbers freeze. Whatever levels of Stamina, Charm, Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Skill and Wealth you begin your adventure with are determined at this point. Mystery and danger await you in the maze of streets. Be wary; not everyone is friendly! Eat and drink in taverns, where clues are often found in the hearty songs you hear. Battle deadly enemies, uncover marvelous treasures, and learn dark secrets.The sun sets and rises, rain falls, and secret doors lead you into unexpected perils. You must improve yourself physically, mentally, morally and financially in order to reach your goal: return to Earth or seek revenge on your abductors.


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Alternate Reality: The City (Europe)
Alternate Reality: The City (USA)
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