Big Business - Atari ST

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Have you ever wondered how it would be to run your own corporation? Did you ever wish you were in your boss's shoes? Or do you just want to prove you can compete against two other players in a match of strategic whiz and business skill?If you answered one of the above questions with YES, this game is for you!BIG BUSINESS is a not so serious simulation of a large manufacturing corporation. Three players, each starting off with equal assets and marketing the same product, compete to acquire the greatest net worth by the end of the game. Players must make decisions on how much money to spend on advertising, research and development or raw materials; at which price to sell the product; whether to build or close factories and at what capacity to operate the factories; and whether to borrow money or repay outstanding loans.You can initiate takeovers, detect and catch opponent's spies, start law suits and create worker's unrest in your opponent's company.You don't have to be a business genius to enjoy this game. With its beautiful graphics and excellent game play, its fun for everyone!FEATURES:- Choice of 20 different product groups and occupations- Playable alone (against two computer opponents) or with up to three players together- Loading and saving of game status at any time possible- NO on-disk protection- Digitized sounds


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Big Business (USA)
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