Major Motion - Atari ST

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In this thrilling driving game, armored cars will try to smash you off the road, spiked cars will attempt to slash your tires, and the enemy assault helicopter will never be far behind with its barrage of bombs. And then there are rumors of even deadlier foes farther ahead... Using the latest hi-tech spy vehicle, complete with machine guns, you can force the marauding vehicles off the road or open fire and watch them burst into flames! And if you survive long enough, you may obtain more state-of-the-art weapons: missiles, oil slicks, smoke screens and others! A variety of road conditions put your driving skills to the test. Race down the highway, but be careful over gravel roads and icy stretches. Swerve around twisting curves, and lookout for branching roads and merging traffic. And when the road ends, the excitement is just beginning! Glide down the treacherous river, dodging islands and deadly rocks in your quest to stop the Draconian terrorists!


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Major Motion (USA)
MichTron Inc.
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