Pigs in Space - Atari 2600

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Space, the swine-full frontier! These are the hogs of the starship Swinetrek: the ineffectual Captain Link Hogthrob, the carefully manicured First Mate Piggy, and the inexplicable Dr. Julius Strangepork. You command the Swinetrek. Your mission: to protect the galaxy from the villainous Gonzo. Armed with the weirdest assortment of weapons ever invented for a video game, you battle killer meatballs, pizza-hurling robots, and flock after flock of fearsome space chickens. Will you survive to tell the story of your exploits? Will anyone believe you if you do?- ATARI brings home a MUPPET hit!- Three completely different games!- CHICKENVADERS - PASTAROIDS - ESCAPE FROM PLANET OF THE GONZOIDS- FOR USE WITH THE ATARI 2600 SERIES SYSTEMS, AND THE SEARS VIDEO ARCADE + AND VIDEO ARCADE II + SYTEMS.- ONE AND TWO PLAYER VARIATIONS- Use your Joystick Controller with this ATARI Game Program cartridge.- For use with North American and other NTSC television sets only.- Model 26114


Game Detail

Pigs in Space (USA)
Atari, Inc. CX26114
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