Sea Hunt - Atari 2600

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Put on your swim fins and get ready to dive into adventure! But be careful because your search for the treasure of the sunken Spanish galleon is filled with danger. Man-eating fish and vicious sea monsters infest the waters where you must dive! And you have only 60 seconds worth of oxygen for every dive! You can use your harpoon gun to destroy the man-eating fish so you can enter the sunken ship and recover the 3 treasure chests filled with gold dubloons and pieces of eight. But watch out for the hungry sea monsters that guard the treasure. They are pledged to destroy all strangers who dare to enter their watery domain. And be very, very careful not to get close to the sticky walls of the treasure ship - or you may remain forever a prisoner of that watery hold!


Game Detail

Sea Hunt (USA)
Froggo FG1009
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