Sky Jinks - Atari 2600

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What a beautiful day for the World Championship of Air Races. But, alas! Your mortal enemy, dastardly Dumont Doolittle, has cunningly arranged for a hot air balloon rally to float directly across your flight path. Don't let Dumont's high jinks keep you grounded! Gun your P41 to full throttle. Zoom across the lush, green fields. Careen precariously around pylons. Shave the very tips of trees, and snicker in delight as you dodge those bothersome balloonists. Eat your heart out Doolittle! The Thompson Trophy is within reach - as you soar under the clouds, and up, up into the record books with - Sky Jinks by Activision!


Game Detail

Sky Jinks (USA)
Activision AG-019
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