Star Wars: Return of The Jedi - Death Star Battle - Atari 2600

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Just when you thought the DEATH STAR had been reduced to dust - it's making a comeback! Piece by piece, the Empire's reconstructing the ultimate space station. Its completion would mean unthinkable power for the Imperial forces. The DEATH STAR must be destroyed... once and for all! Grab hold of the controls and guide the MILLENNIUM FALCON through one of the ever-changing openings in the force field. Blast TIE INTERCEPTORS left and right before they open fire on you! Plus, keep an eye on the Death Ray as it tracks your ship. One direct hit and you're a goner! Fire away at the DEATH STAR! Wear it down with your missiles - and POW - the DEATH STAR's history! A cool head and a steady hand are a must if you're to succeed in this mission!


Game Detail

Star Wars: Return of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (USA)
Parker Brothers PB5060
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