Swordquest: WaterWorld - Atari 2600

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Join the SwordQuest Challenge. Dive into the depths of WaterWorld and search for clues to win the Grand Prize of the WaterWorld contest - a jewel-encrusted Crown made at a cost of $25,000. Capture the Crown and compete for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery - a silver-bladed sword made at a cost of $50,000. You'll need expert hand-eye coordination to navigate the school of octopi, the sea of sharks, and the fast moving ice floes that block your journey. You'll also need a detective-type mind to figure out the numerical clues of this adventure-puzzle game, and to decipher the clues in the accompanying comic book.


Game Detail

Swordquest: WaterWorld (USA)
Atari, Inc. CX2671
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