The Dreadnaught Factor - Atari 5200

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The scene: Space. The cosmic edge. Never deeper, never darker.The Home Team: A Stargate. A squadron of Hyperfighters. A glittering, pulsating sea of unstable energy.(Please--no quick or sudden movements.)The Challengers: Dreadnaughts. We're talkin' size LARGE. Behemoths. Invincible. Or so some say.You succeed: Universal applause. Life in the fast lane. Early retirement. Endorsements. You name it, it's yours.You fail: Not a viable alternative. You want I should draw you a picture? Distinctly upretty. The Big Zip. Kaput. Finito. Capice?


Game Detail

The Dreadnaught Factor (USA)
Atari, Inc. FZ-005
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