Crossbow - Atari 7800

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An evil wizard has terrorized the kingdom for centuries. And it's time somebody stopped him. You are the leader of four brave adventurers who must destroy the wizard and restore the kingdom's riches. It's up to you and your trusty crossbow to protect your companions on the treacherous path to the wizard's castle. Set your sights and follow the adventurers through scorching deserts, haunted caverns, and steaming jungles. There are eight dangerous adventurers to challenge you.You will be met by scorpions and falling stalactites and encounter fireballs and man-eating plants on your journey. Once you have improved your skills as a guardian, you can add up to four more adventurers to the team. Your brave friends rely upon you for their survival.Choose your route from the crumbling treasure map. Once you reach the forbidden castle, your skill and courage are truly challenged. Grab your crossbow and let the tale unfold!


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Crossbow (USA)
Atari Corporation CX7844
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