Tank Command - Atari 7800

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The final offensive is on and it is a maximum effort. You are the commander of an elite tank division equipped with the newest XT-87 heavy tanks with orders to lead the spear-head through the enemy's heaviest fortified section and drive straight through to their capital. The enemy is waiting for you with everything they have got! The terrain is covered with anti-tank pillboxes, heavy artillery and tank traps. Watch out! They have squads of suicidal LAW (Light-weight Antitank Weapons) equipped men waiting in ambush and surprise air attacks. You have three spare battalions and get resupplied with a fresh batallion only after you reach bonus points. You must successfully penetrate areas of several fortifications and various levels of difficulty to achieve your primary target. The battle is dependent upon your quick wits, planning, and accurate fire-power by selecting the various energy fire levels. Good luck!


Game Detail

Tank Command (USA)
Froggo FG2003
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