Bug Off! - Atari 8-bit

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Looking for something really different? BUG OFF! Do you demand great, quality graphics? BUG OFF! Are you ready for more fun than you can shake a walking stick at? BUG OFF! Heavens no, we're not getting personal -- we're just announcing the newest and perhaps wackiest arcade-style game to hit the ATARI yet -- BUG OFF!This is one game that will bug the heck out of you -- but enjoyably so! Your garden has fallen into a Florida sinkhole where weird forces have mutated a bevy of bizarre bugs into a contingent of killers! In this case, relief is spelled D-D-T, and you'll need oodles of it to dispatch these pesky pests!BUG OFF literally buzzes with excitement with pincer-sharp graphics and more colors than an exploding paint factory! The object of the game is to control the seven different types of bugs that are threatening to run helter-skelter over everything. And what an assortment there is! Butterflies and moths spin deadly cocoons; caterpillers drop teeny-weeny lady bugs by the score, and spiders and wasps add a sinister touch to the rabble roster. IF you're lucky, the Army will airlift in more DDT in time; if not -- well, we won't talk about that!So, grab onto your joystick and brace yourself for the battle that'll shake your house to its (hopefully treated) foundation! BUG OFF! The only bugs around no one minds in their computer!


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Bug Off! (USA)
Adventure International
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