Crush, Crumble & Chomp! - Atari 8-bit

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Breathe fire, terrorize cities, snack on a horrified populace, and further develop your villainous personality. CRUSH, CRUMBLE, and CHOMP!Is there a particular city against which you crave to wreak revenge? Do you have a grudge against the Golden Gate Bridge? Lunch on San Francisco, then. Can't control your burning desire to consume the Pentagon? Dine on Washington, D.C. Fed up with cheap imports? Tokyo, perhaps. Do you hunger for the Big Apple? Munch on New York.Be the deadly amphibian who longs to leave trails of poisonous nuclear pollution; simultaneously smash street cars with a single blow of your scaly tail, lunch on helpless humans, and radiate a ray of death from your malevolent eye.Or would you like to be, perhaps, not even of the fallible flesh but, rather, of horrendously heartless steel? A lifeless, but life-like, mechanical gizmo preprogrammed by zero population growth professionals for the destruction of all things earthly.If you were a giant winged creature, think of the aerial attacks you could make on the terrified but tasty tidbits beneath you.Take on the persona of any of six demonic beasties (even more for those who have a disk). Select from four mouth-watering metropoli and five different objectives--over 100 possible scenarios, complete with graphic mayhem and the resounding thunder of your monsterly presence, await your beastly appetite.But wait! The National Guard is out to get you. The local police are sworn to your destruction. Even as you read this, a secret weapon is being readied against you by mad and skillful scientists. Are you truly prepared to face helicopters, tanks, artillery, and more, driven by those who are literally dying to get at you?Sooner or later, humanity will triumph... maybe. Or maybe vengeance will be yours.- Graphics. Computer-generated metroplis. (Apple and Atari use high-resolution color)- Sound- Real time- You are the villain- Six monsters, four cities, five game objectives--over 100 possible scenarios- For ages 10 through adult- Complexity: Intermediate- Playing time: 10 minutes to 1 hour- For one monster


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Crush, Crumble & Chomp! (USA)
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