Jet-Boot Jack - Atari 8-bit

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He's so coolHe's got the movesMusic on his headAnd jets on his shoesTen music chambersAnd only five livesHe might have to wait'Til a platform arrivesHe might have to findA Sleeper to hitOr jump on a MoverAnd make him quitHe flies through notesDucks under rocksJet-Boot Jack will knock off your socksJet-Boot Jack will knock off your socksJet-Boot Jack is...- Fast Moves- Ten Music Chambers- Five Skill Levels- A Practice Level- Joystick Control- Elevators- Platforms- Movers- Sleepers- Color GraphicsThe most challenging and fun game you've ever played!


Game Detail

Jet-Boot Jack (USA)
Datamost Inc.
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