AE - Atari 8-bit

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First came Sonys, then Toyotas, and then, from the research labs of Mitsubishubuku, the A.E. Designed as a pollution-fighting robot intended to save the world, the A.E. slipped through quality control out into the unsuspecting universe. While the fate of the Free World does not depend upon getting rid of the A.E., they have become a nuisance, much like motorcycle gangs or geese on the runway.The Mitsubishubuku Company, in conjunction with Broderbund Software, has made this disk available to computer owners to allow us to aid in controlling this pest. Note: the A.E. is not an endangered species.A.E. is the Japanese word for "ray," as in Manta Ray or Sting Ray.NOTE: You will need to turn the disk over once the first side has been loaded. Instructions are on the disk.- An arcade style game- Joystick or paddle controlled


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