The Sands of Egypt - Atari 8-bit

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The Sands of Egypt is an action adventure starring you in the role of Lord Charles Buckingham III, the world-famous British explorer. Attacked by nomads while on an archaeology expedition to Egypt, Lord Charles was knocked unconscious and is now hopelessly lost in the fabled land of the Pharaohs. As the drama unfolds, we find him wandering the wilderness alone. He carries nothing but a compass, his courage, and his wits.As the star, you'll encounter the blistering heat of the barren sands and experience the ecstasy of a desert oasis. Take a rest under the shade of a date palm and enjoy the elixir of life: Water. Continuing the search, you'll risk all to find the secret treasure chamber concealed within the lost pyramid.The Sands of Egypt is a split-screen, animated adventure game uniting Hi-res computer graphics with a text display of hints and riddles. Unlike other adventures, The Sands of Egypt describes the wonders of the desert and also paints a detailed picture of each move. The game commands a vocabulary of over 100 words. Finding the right words is part of the fun!The Sands of Egypt is a true test of endurance and self-reliance. With dash and daring you'll overcome puzzling hieroglyphics, stubborn camels, and mystical mummies. Do you have the stuff of which legends are made?


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The Sands of Egypt (USA)
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