Temple of Apshai - Atari 8-bit

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Now, you can enter a universe in which quick wit, the strength of your sword arm and a talisman around your neck might be what separates you from a pharoah's priceless treasure--or the death-grip mandibles of a giant mantis.Enter the "Temple of Apshai," the first in our DUNJONQUEST series, the computer game that offers you the chance to undertake heroic acts in a labyrinth filled with treasures, traps and monsters."Temple..." is a role-playing game (RPG) that catapults you into a world of magic and monsters--doomed cities and damsels in distress. More than a game, it's an alter ego experience. In an RPG, complex factors that make up a human being are abstracted into a few basic characteristics: strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence and ego. Via your role-playing character, you'll venture into an essentially unknown world, and be at home with the likes of skeletons, zombies, spiders and wraiths. You'll bargain with a tight-fisted innkeeper for the weapons and armor you'll need in the dunjon.When you play the "Temple of Apshai," you'll be both a character within and a reader of the epic you're actually helping to create. In this labyrinth, the choice is always yours...fight or flee, parry or thrust, slay the monsters or see if they'll listen to reason.After you've bargained for your sword, armor, shield and your bow and arrows, most of your time in the dunjon will be spent exploring the 200 rooms on four different levels...trying to find 80 types of treasures of priceless worth. But wait--the treasures are surrounded by traps--needles, daggers, flames and bottomless pits--closely guarded by monsters vile and noxious. Do you dare to thrust your broadsword at the giant leech, the skeletal bat, the zombies or the ghouls with mouths full of razor fangs?We invite you to project yourself into the labyrinth. See and touch the treasures, hear and smell the creatures that inhabit the place. Discover for yourself the fantasy world of Apshai!- Graphics! Computer-generated map! (Apple uses high-resolution & color!)- Real time!- A fantasy role-playing experience!- For ages 10 through adult- Complexity: Intermediate- Playing time: 30 minutes to forever!- For one player


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Temple of Apshai (USA)
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