Computer Baseball - Atari 8-bit

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The day Babe Ruth faced Fernando Valenzuela.Impossible, you say. Not if you're playing COMPUTER BASEBALL. It lets you create -- and manage -- any team you like, imaginary or real, past or present.IMAGINATION RUN WILD. Now you can field a team made up of such legends as Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax against a star-studded team of Hank Aaron, George Brett and Fernando Valenzuela.Ah, baseball heaven!All you have to do is enter the batting and pitching statistics and fielding and running abilities of the players you want. Data disks of player stats are available separately.For all you historical buffs, the data for over 20 great past and present major league teams are already provided.ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY REAL. All the options of a big-time manager are at your disposal. You decide whether your team should hit and run, pinch hit, pinch run, bunt, steal, run conservatively or aggressively.On defense, you can call for the first and third basemen to guard the lines, or for the outfield to play shallow. You can opt to hold runners tight or loose, or ask for infield in at double-play depth, or in all the way.You can tell your pitcher to pitch around the batter or simply order an intentional walk. You can even visit the mound and if necessary, dig into the bullpen for a reliever.Using animated, color Hi-Res graphics, the computer presents an amazingly realistic simulation of baseball that's fun and fast to play. It is so true to life that a hitter with a high RBI total will be biased to hit more often when runners are on base. On potential double plays, it will check for the fielding abilities of the players involved and for the running ability of the batter and person on first base.When you play solitaire, the computer also serves as the manager of the opposing team.COMPUTER BASEBALL. The most realistic strategy game of imaginary baseball ever!


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Computer Baseball (USA)
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