Napoleon at Waterloo - Atari 8-bit

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Napoleon at Waterloo is a mind-engaging military challenge designed for real strategy-game enthusiasts. As Napoleon Bonaparte, you electronically plot the combat mission to be executed by your French cavalry, infantry, and artillery units. The tactics employed by the Anglo-Allied forces and Prussian legionaries at the Battle of Waterloo unfold with historical accuracy on your screen. Your goal is to overcome their efforts!Your troops are equipped with classic Napoleonic armament: horsemen charging with sabers, soldiers attacking with muskets, and batteries firing cannons. Your challenge is to make decisions resulting in the effective deployment of these units as movement simultaneously and constantly progresses.A scrolling battleground depicts the exhausting terrain encountered by the soldiers that you command. As you tread over ridges and march through woods and villages, your screen will display the level of morale among your units. This will indicate how you should adjust your strategy according to the number of soldiers wounded, fatigued, or killed. The threat of demoralization always exists.While the actual game lasts only 30 minutes, the entire 11-hour Battle of Waterloo is recreated. Your screen shows the battle-time, as measured by the game clock. The battle is concluded when the clock strikes 9:00 p.m., at that time the national anthem of the winning side will sound.This game features the ease of play and graphics of an arcade game, coupled with the sophistication and enjoyment of a strategy game. You'll find playing NAPOLEON AT WATERLOO a pleasure to learn and a challenge to win!


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Napoleon at Waterloo (USA)
Krentek Software
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