Roadracer Bowler - Atari 8-bit

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ROADRACERActually thirteen different games in one, ROADRACER gives you three different track layouts: oval (for beginners), figure eight, and a championship Grand Prix course. Compete on the basis of time or the number of laps completed.ROADRACER allows you to test your driving skills against those of another player or against the computer. But watch out, this is a car racing game requiring tenacious hand-to-eye coordination. Go into a turn too fast and you'll see your car start to drift as you try to come out of the turn. Oversteer and the next thing you know, you've crashed into the barriers!ROADRACER gives you the thrills and excitement of car racing with the fun of an arcade game for one or two players...right in your own home!BOWLERMicrocomputer Game's BOWLER features realistic pin action. With a little practice, you can spare off an even 4-10 split. Hit the 1-2 pocket and keep the ball curving up into the 3-5 and you've got yourself a strike!There's no deadwood in this game as the pins seem to bounce and deflect like on a real alley. You control the ball's curve on a set path; the trick is knowing when and where to start the ball curving for maximum pin action. BOWLER can be enjoyed solitaire or by up to four players...and your computer keeps perfect score each frame!


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Roadracer Bowler (USA)
Avalon Hill
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