Preppie! - Atari 8-bit

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Preppie is here! Teeing off on the course may be delightfully fashionable but it can be pretty dangerous on this crazy green! Preppie is a graphics tour de force that dares your preppie to cross an alligator-filled river and recover his wayward golf ball. Dangers lurk everywhere -- from speeding golf carts to monster frogs. Only a true Ivy Leaguer could face up to this kind of punishment!Preppie is a real-time game that's written in fast-paced machine language, and Mummy would most certainly approve of its high score save feature, inventive sound routines and joystick compatibility. Preppie also showcases a wide range of the Atari's colors -- twenty-eight in all -- that will delight and thrill the most fashion-conscious gamester.So why go slumming with lesser simulations? You'll be the toast of the country club with Preppie.


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Preppie! (USA)
Adventure International
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