PlatterMania - Atari 8-bit

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Take your place among the all-time-great circus performers. Test your skill as you perform amazing plate-balancing feats to rack up points!Beginning with four spinning plates on top of four rods, speed and accuracy are crucial, as you move from one rod to the next spinning the plates. Play alone or with friends--a total of four players can compete!As you move your control stick, your computer displays, in fully animated color graphics, the busy circus performer and a table full of rods, with spinning plates on top.Be careful not to spin a plate too hard or not enough--you'll be sorry when plates come crashing and clattering to the floor or fly off into the rafters!Be alert and remember the order in which you first spun the plates, that's the order in which they'll fall!As your skill improves, you can give an astounding performance, by increasing the number of rods and balancing up to 12 at any given time. The more plates you spin, the greater your score!Keep your eyes open and be on your toes, as you dash from rod to rod picking up points--hope you reach them in time!- Animated color graphics and sound- For ages 5 through adult- Complexity: Introductory- Playing time: 5 minutes to hours of fun- Requires joystick or paddle controller- For one to four players


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PlatterMania (USA)
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