Alien Garden - Atari 8-bit

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Alien Garden is a fascinating experience that combines quick action with thought-provoking and memory challenging strategy. Strategy and action determine your score, and your survival, in this alien world of thriving crystal flowers.You are challenged to maneuver a cosmic critter through row upon row of crystal flowers. Some are edible, but others explode - killing your critter.A wealth of crystal flowers - 20 possible unique varieties - complicate survival. But, there is at least one edible variety that can be made to grow. The more crystal flowers your cosmic critter transforms into this variety, the more he can eat. The more he eats, the more points you get!Dart your cosmic critter in and out between crystals. Sting them with your stinger, bump them with your wings and eat them as you go - make the right move to gain the most points!Your cosmic critter may lose a wing or stinger during play, but if you transform a crystal flower into a totally new variety, you'll grow right back.You have combined joystick action and arcade-style full color graphics and sound. You hear the shattering and tinkling of crystals as they grow, shrink and explode before your eyes.It's up to you to remember which crystal flowers do what. And the garden contains different flowers every time you play.Rack up as many points as possible as you eat, bump and sting your way to survival!- Animated color graphics and sound- For ages 10 through adult- Complexity: Intermediate- Playing time: 30 minutes to hours of fun- Requires joystick controller- For one player


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Alien Garden (USA)
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