Controller - Atari 8-bit

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CONTROLLER is a real-time simulation of air-traffic control in which you will have to guide the approach and landing sequence of up to 8 aircraft.You select the type and number of aircraft you wish to control. Aircraft not under your control will be randomly controlled by the computer. There are three types of aircraft: Light Plane; slow and easy to control, Airliner; fast and slow to respond to control, Private Jet; fast and quick to respond to control.Each type of plane has a different rate of climb, turning rate, stall speed, ceiling, fuel consumption, and fuel capacity.CONTROLLER is different from other programs in two major ways; REAL-TIME and GRAPHICS.Once play begins all actions are in real time. Aircraft will maneuver, use fuel and respond to your commands as a real plane would. The computer will not wait for you to make decisions. You must make quick decisions or else... you may cause a mid-air crash!All aircraft are plotted on a realistic "radar scope" type display. Each aircraft's heading, velocity, and altitude is continuously displayed on a separate chart next to the "radar scope". Bearing, range, fuel, and destination (altitude and heading) are displayed for each plane upon request.Using the information presented by the computer you take the lives of hundreds of passengers into your hands. Their safe arrival is now your responsibility. GOOD LUCK! and HEADS UP.


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Controller (USA)
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