Track Attack! - Atari 8-bit

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This program teaches you how to rob trains.Setting: A small railroad yard somewhere between Elizabeth, New Jersey and Johannesburg. Gold is being loaded on the Broderbund Express for shipment to San Rafael, California. The railroad yard is large, and patrolled only by the old phantom watchman in his '52 De Soto. You are driving a souped up '86 Pierce Apple with special gear rigged to the front which allows you to bash your way through the sides of box cars and disappear with their contents out the other side.Your mission is to ram the box cars, steal the gold, jump the train, commandeer the engine, pick up the stolen gold and cart it away. The phantom watchman's mission is to stop you--and he's very good at what he does. Good luck!Disclaimer: Broderbund Software accepts no responsibility for losses or damages incurred by the world's railroads as a result of this educational package. Neither have funds nor training been provided to Broderbund by any terrorist organization for the development of this package.


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Track Attack! (USA)
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