Rescue at Rigel - Atari 8-bit

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The trouble started when a renegade High Tollah sought sanctuary in the Stellar Union. To get back at the renegade, this uncaring adversary ordered 10 men and women from the Orion colony of Ultima Thule taken prisoner. There, inside a secret base on a moonlet circling Rigel, Tollah scientists used these victims to find a means of reducing the human race to the status of Common Tollah. In the Tollah scheme of things, there was room in the cosmos for only one set of decision-makers: the High Tollah.Although the Tollah race walks erect, their faceted eyes, mandibular jaws and long abdomens are clearly insectoid. Will the 10 prisoners be transformed into these aliens, or will they be saved miraculously by your role-playing alter-ego: Sudden Smith?With "Rescue at Rigel," you can have the excitement of our fantasy role-playing system in the science-fiction universe of "Starfleet Orion" and "Invasion Orion." You take the part of the brave Smitty, and it's all up to you. You must find your way through a maze of corridors, chambers, gravshafts and teleportals...trying to save the 10 humans held somewhere within. Their insectoid captors move them from room to room inside the complex, so each time you play, you must search again!Armed with powergun and blaster, you must battle the aliens that lurk there, and then, somehow get yourself out of the moonbase alive! Your powergun and shield draw energy from your powerpack. Your blaster has only a handful of charges, and your rescue ship is under orders to leave--with or without you--in 60 minutes!Can you rescue the 10 prisoners before your powerpack is depleted? Can you get back to your rendezvous point in time? Can you escape the dreaded clutches of the unmerciful High Tollah? Try it, Smitty. You're their only hope.- Graphics! Computer-generated map! (Apple uses high-resolution color & sound!)- Real time!- Different every time you play!- For ages 10 through adult- Complexity: Intermediate- Playing time: 20 to 60 minutes- For one player


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Rescue at Rigel (USA)
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