StarQuest: Star Warrior - Atari 8-bit

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In this STARQUEST, you are a starfaring knight bound tightly by your code, a mercenary with a cause. You are a Fury, an interplanetary avenger on a mission of justice and danger, called on by the people of the planet Fornax to free them from the rule of an oppressive military governor. You must take on an entire planetary occupation force--alone! Outnumbered by storm troopers of the Stellar Union, you'll always be on the lookout for hover craft, robot tanks, artillery--even the deadly, rapid firing "Mauler"--nine types of enemy vehicles in all. But you're far from helpless.When you play "Star Warrior," you'll walk, jump--even fly--over swamps, forests and mountains. Six different sounds and even better graphics than our DUNJONQUEST series make "Star Warrior" more fun, and, the emphasis is on fast action and challenge.Choose from 19 command options, several suits of powered armor, 5 levels of skill and 2 scenarios. In Scenario One, you must divert your enemy from the main attack. Your aim is to destroy as many military installations and vehicles as you can before you are recalled. You can even set your own time limit, so you can play for as little or as long as you like! In Scenario Two, you must track down and destroy the tyrannical military governor and his staff. You'll use sophisticated electronic direction finding equipment to home in on your targets. You have decoys to fool your enemy, and you are equipped with nuclear missiles, blaster and power gun. The governor is always on the move, so you never know where you'll find him next!But like your mythical namesake, you are a Fury--a soldier of daring and courage, and the people of Fornax are depending on you!- Graphics! Computer-generated map!- Sound!- Real time!- Two different scenarios!- For ages 10 through adult- Complexity: Intermediate- Playing time: 10 to 40 minutes- For one player


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StarQuest: Star Warrior (USA)
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