Journey to the Planets - Atari 8-bit

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What is your favorite type of game; space, arcade, or adventure? "Journey to the Planets" presents an intriguing combination of all three as you find yourself on a strange planet in a strange universe. Luckily, the local gods are friendly and supply you with energy, a spaceship, and weaponry. In turn, you agree to search the universe for treasures for the gods. Board your ship, take off, accelerate through the upper atmosphere and out into space. Your flight should take you past many other inviting planets. With a slow approach and skilled maneuvering, you drop down through the planet's sky to a soft landing on its surface. Disembark and wander through several TV screens full of mystery and excitement. A different adventure awaits you on each planet.Planetary adventures are designed to exercise your puzzle solving intellect, with arcade action thrown in to enhance the excitement. Although you are given as much time as necessary to solve each adventure, your score, which is based on many factors, favors those who are speedy.After you capture all the treasures this universe has to offer, return to your adopted planet. Who knows, the gods may be so happy that you can convince them to send you back to your real home. You can't get there without their help!


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Journey to the Planets (USA)
Roklan 09-01124
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