Jumpman - Atari 8-bit

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The enemy has infiltrated JUPITER headquarters! ALIENATORS have sabotaged all systems and planted bombs throughout its thirty levels...ready to blast Headquarters to ashes at any moment. Can their mission of destruction be stopped? Already, JUPITER #1 is starting to crumble. Can it be saved? Can the other two command centers be reached before the ALIENATORS advance and destroy them as well? IT'S UP TO YOU!You've been trained as the government's top secret weapon, the only one who can defuse the bombs and restore communications. YOU ARE JUMPMAN. With your quick wit, unparalleled speed and SEVEN LIVES, you can maneuver your way to every corner of Headquarters. Only by scaling the many ladders, girders and perilous ropes that provide access to the hidden interiors and mystery mazes of Headquarters, can you reach every bomb.JUMPMAN must fight off the ALIENATORS' bullets...and be forewarned...backup forces of robots, dragons, birdmen, flying saucers and other demonic destroyers are also headed your way. Even if you escape the clutches of these arch enemies, beware of crumbling girders and vanishing escape routes.BE ALERT. With your joystick, you must activate your tiny jet boosters to scale each level of JUPITER Headquarters and avoid deadly obstacles. If you jumps are on target, you'll suceed in restoring power to Headquarters and save the people from annihilation. BUT BE CAREFUL! You may mistime your jumps and find yourself dangling from a ledge with your seven lives gone. BE WARNED!- Joystick-controlled- Numerous Levels- Several Difficulty Options- Multiple Speed Adjustments- High Score and Bonus Table- For Ages 10 through Adult- Exciting Graphics and Sound


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Jumpman (USA)
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