K-Star Patrol - Atari 8-bit

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Defend your Star Ships against Alien Attack Forces and the dreaded Intergalactic Leech, or perish in the attempt!While on patrol over a mysterious alien planet, your team of Star Ships is brutally attacked by an onslaught of enemy forces. Only you and your Lead Star Ship can safely defend the squadron! Blast your way through the Alien Attack Ships and outmaneuver their dangerous Low-Level Avoidance System! You'll need quick reflexes and nerves of steel as you battle through sector after sector of enemy territory. But beware! All your skill may not save you from the clutches of the evil, energy-absorbing Intergalactic Leech!Will the squadron escape? Or will it be reduced to particles of cosmic dust? The fate of the Star Patrol is in your hands!


Game Detail

K-Star Patrol (USA)
CBS Electronics M8790
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