The Blade of Blackpoole - Atari 8-bit

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Methinks if I live 'till the seas have withered I'll ne'er know of more adventure than befalleth those that quest for the sword bearing the name Myraglym. Many have abandoned their earthly toils to pursue this great sword o'magic. Legend saeth this mighty blade rests in the caverns 'neath the lake at Blackpoole, where evil serpents and horrid plants have a taste for the flesh of humans. And yea, even man has taken arms against his fellow man in search of Myraglym. So come hither be ye brave. For if ye seek a life of adventure, ye too must go in search of the Blade of Blackpoole. Travel with wisdom and cunning and the magic powers of Myraglym shall be for none other.Blade of Blackpoole featureth a myriad of challenging situations and colorful, detailed graphics. Haveth fun with this exciting new adventure game from Sirius.


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The Blade of Blackpoole (USA)
Sirius Software
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