The Curse of Crowley Manor - Atari 8-bit

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The scene is London, in 1913. Scotland Yard is buzzing with the news - there's been a murder at the Crowley Estate! What starts out as a simple homicide investigation turns into a trip into the depths of the occult as you try to solve The Curse of Crowley Manor. This program uses many unique plot twists and strange devices to guide you through a victory, or a certain trip to the gates of hell. Second in the Other Venture Series, this program is sure to keep you riveted to your computer screen waiting for the next axe to fall!This OTHER VENTURE by Jyym Pearson (the author of "Zossed in Space" and "Escape from Traam") is a fine addition to anyone's compu-novel collection. But beware, this one's hard, in fact, this one is close to impossible. If you are the adventure expert of your area, here's your chance to prove it. Good hunting mate!


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The Curse of Crowley Manor (USA)
Adventure International
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