The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island - Commodore 64

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It's too fine a day to be doing chores, so sneak off to your favorite getaway spot -- Tom Sawyer's Island! Suddenly, your lazy afternoon of hunting berries turns into a frantic chase!Aunt Polly has followed you onto the island to drag you back to your chores. Injun Joe is after you for discovering his hiding spot -- and if that weren't enough, a ferocious bear is also hot on your trail!Luckily you know the island's secrets better than anyone, so you can outwit your pursuers. Lose them in a deep dark cavern. Escape on a rickety ol' river raft. Climb over the teetering rock or leap through the churning waterwheel. But don't get caught or you'll end up whitewashing Aunt Polly's fence!Get ready for an action-packed chase on Tom Sawyer's Island.


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The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island (USA)
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