Facemaker - Commodore 64

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FACEMAKER is the perfect educational game for young computer users.Because FACEMAKER is a fun way to learn how to use the computer.FACEMAKER is really three games in one.The first game presents the child with a blank face and asks the child to complete the face by choosing from sets of eyes, ears, noses, etc.The second game takes the completed face and lets the child enter simple instructions which make the face smile, wink, frown or wiggle its ears.The third game asks the child to repeat the sequence of face shown on the screen. This helps to improve the child's memory and concentration.FACEMAKER features full color graphics and sound.DesignWare, creators of FACEMAKER, is a company of educators and computer professionals specializing in computer programs for children. Educational Value: FACEMAKER helps children become comfortable with computer fundamentals such as: menus, cursors, the return key, the space bar, simple programs, and graphics. It also helps improve a child's memory and concentration. Ages 3-8.


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Facemaker (USA)
Spinnaker Software
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