Mystery Master: Murder by the Dozen - Commodore 64

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Murder is a nasty business. And in MURDER BY THE DOZEN, it's the only business. As the top Homicide Detective in town, it's up to you to solve each mysterious murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.Each case presents new challenges to your powers of deduction and detection. With information supplied by your Crime Computer, you'll travel a twisted trail of shady characters, false leads, clever deceptions and red herrings in search of the clues you'll need. And even if you do find the true murderer, will you have gathered enough evidence to convict him (or her)?The heat's on, Mystery Master! You've just received another call from Homicide. Leonora Tibbet, wealthy socialite, has been found beaten to death with her hospital bedpan. Go it alone or let your rival sleuths get in on the action. Either way, have a bloody good time!Program Features:- 12 Complete Murder Cases--each with a victim, case profile, physical evidence, a variety of locations and a slew of suspects!- Game Clock--keeps track of how much "time" you take to interview suspects, search for clues or get across town.- Map of the City-with all locations marked.- Sleuth Ratings--are you a World Class Detective or an Innocent Bystander?- 1 to 4 Detective Capacity--play individually or in teams.Plus:- 2 Reference Manuals--Clues and Solutions.- Mystery Master Worksheets--for taking notes and marking locations.- Solution Decoder.- Complete Rules--including tips for successful investigations.


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Mystery Master: Murder by the Dozen (USA)
CBS Software
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