Breakthrough in the Ardennes - Commodore 64

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A DETAILED SIMULATION OF THE BATTLE OF THE BULGEDesigned for the avid strategist, BREAKTHROUGH IN THE ARDENNES is a detailed regimental/brigade-level simulation of one of the most popular wargame topics: The Battle of the Bulge. Covering the battle in twelve turns, each representing a full day of operations, it possesses exhaustive features and combat rules. Your options and activities include supply, air strikes, allocating corps artillery, building-up and breaking-down regiments and divisions, constructing and destroying bridges, fortifying, changing modes and moving units.All infantry, engineer, airborne and armored units are historically rated for combat strength, efficiency, fortification level, supply status, mode and artillery support content. Weather, which played such a major role in the real battle, is also incorporated.The scrolling Hi-Res color map displays the battlefield on a 32x31 hex grid, each representing approximately two miles. The extensive road network of the Ardennes is taken into account.We've gone to great lengths to set up the actual conditions of this historical conflict. Now is your chance to answer the burning question: "How would the Battle of the Bulge have ended if I had been in command?"In solitaire, the computer directs the American forces.A four-color laminated mapboard showing the entire battlefield is provided to help you play this advanced wargame.


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Breakthrough in the Ardennes (USA)
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