Jupiter Mission 1999 - Commodore 64

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RRRING!!! RRRING!!! RRRING!!!Too early on a chilly January morning, I was jarred awake by the noxious blaring of my traitorous doorbell. As I moved to accost the unknown aggressor, with the full force of semi-conscious wrath, I pulled on my robe and lost my dignity to the pain of a stubbed toe. Now fully awake, I opened the door, prepared to educate the mysterious interloper on the meaning of manners. My determination to this end was somewhat shattered when I saw two large men clad in long overcoats and wide-brimmed hats. Instinctively, I tried to slam the door. My retreat to safety was denied by the advance of the strangers. Before I could protest their entry, my vision was drawn to the shining silver badges that hung from their now unfolded wallets. They were government agents.Hesitantly, trying to remember any crimes that I had ever committed, I invited them into my home. At their request, I produced my driver's license and other forms of identification. After examining these credentials, they asked me to pack a bag for an extended journey. After some protest and argument, I was made to understand that my options in this matter were less than limited. My country needs me, they said--with the clear implication that either I pack and dress or I take an extended journey in my robe.This is how my adventure began. From my cold apartment, I was taken to a towering vehicle for an emergency mission to Jupiter. My very life on the line and, possibly, the survival of the planet Earth as well, and only God knows what other kind of perils await.


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Jupiter Mission 1999 (USA)
Avalon Hill
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