Computer Stocks & Bonds - Commodore 64

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COMPUTER STOCKS & BONDS is a masterful introduction to the real-life drama and excitement of the modern stock market. As an educational tool, it allows one of more players to gain a basic understanding of the economic principles that influence investment in today's changing world. As a game, it challenges the player to face, and master, the unpredictable risks that are run daily by the casual or professional investor.Equipped with an initial fund of five thousand dollars, each investor attempts to analyze, and anticipate, the rise and fall of the market over ten trading periods. By buying and selling his or her holdings in ten different stocks, the player strives to make a fortune on the market. Aiding the player in this effort, the game includes a complete rules booklet that explains the basic market terms that will have an influence on play. He may also call on complete bar graphs, generated by his computer, to monitor the fluctuation of each stock from which he must choose. Players that use this information shrewdly, and invest wisely, can break the bank and amass a tidy nest egg.


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Computer Stocks & Bonds (USA)
Avalon Hill
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