Galaxy (1982) - Commodore 64

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A GAME OF GALACTIC EXPLORATION AND CONFLICTFulfill your galactic destiny!Your scientists have finally overcome the problem of traversing the enormous distances between stars. A fusion engine using interstellar hydrogen for fuel has been combined with the Kragar gravity wave technique for faster-than-light travel. Now you, as Fleet Admiral of our newly commissioned starship armada, can fulfill the destiny of our race by spearheading our expansion to the stars!Battles in spaceAs the game begins, you will send fleets of ships from your home planet to explore the unknown resources of the stars. The planets circling the stars may be barren worlds, or they may possess industrial capacity and defensive ships to resist your colonization efforts. The resulting battles are accompanied by fantastic sound effects (on computers with sound capability). The industrial capacity of the conquered worlds will be converted to producing new ships for continued expansion.The stars beckonGALAXY allows from 1 to 20 players to compete against each other and the computer in a struggle for control of up to 40 star systems. The computer produces a different galaxy every game.Solitaire or multi-playerWhen flying solo, your task is to bring the entire galaxy under your control.For added excitement, GALAXY can be played by as many as 20 players. The "fog of war" is maintained by making keyboard entry invisible so your fleet orders remain secret. You may therefore launch a surprise attack on the home planet of a rival. The Fleet Admiral who controls the most planets at game's end is the winner.


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Galaxy (1982) (USA)
Avalon Hill
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