Boot Camp - Commodore 64

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Before you save your country, you have to survive your sergeant.Atten-hut! Welcome to the marines. My name's Sgt. J.T. Tail Kicker, and while you're here I'm gonna whip your scrawny hide into shape.You hear me, boy? Wipe that silly smile off your face, this ain't no circus!Before you leave, your lungs will burn on the obstacle course. Your fingers will cramp on the firing range. Your muscles will ache during chin ups and arm wrestling. Your stamina will suffer in the iron man race.And if there's anything left of you, I'll give you a shot at me.Can you take it, boy? You better. Cause terrorists have attacked our embassy, and America's depending on a real marine to save the day.So suck in that gut. And have a pleasant stay at Boot Camp.Featuring simultaneous play for two players or play against the computer.


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Boot Camp (USA)
Combat School (Europe)
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