Gateway to Apshai - Commodore 64

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Enter the world of APSHAI with this exciting adventure game. The famous Temple of Apshai Strategy is the basis of this action-packed cartridge game.GATEWAY TO APSHAI is a real test of your skill and wits. Using joystick control, you must collect all the treasures on each level in less than 7 minutes while finding your way through complex mazes, and avoiding perilous traps. And, you only have 5 lives you can lose!Successfully complete one level, descend to the next, and your journey becomes even more dangerous. Stay alert! Along the way you might find weapons and magic that will help you. First, conquer Gateway; then you'll be ready for the additional challenge of The Temple of Apshai.- 8 Challenging Levels- 16 Dungeons on each Level- Over 50 Rooms per Dungeon- JOYSTICK CONTROLLED- One Player


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Gateway to Apshai (USA)
Epyx 617
Gateway to Apshai (Europe)
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