Up Periscope! - Commodore 64

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If you're looking for true submarine action and realism, nothing else can compare with Up Periscope!You command a WWII fleet class submarine. Experience all the action of practice runs out of New London Connecticut and shakedown cruises in the North Atlantic. Go on a full-fledged war patrol out of San Francisco's Mare Island or Pearl Harbor in the Pacific Theatre.Relive fourteen different historical situations and compare your strategies with those of real submarine commanders. Or go hunting on your own. When you master the daytime periscope-depth attack, move on to the dangerous and skill-demanding night surface patrol. Adjustable time scales and reality modes (from Practice to Advanced) ensure continuous action and challenge.Up Periscope! includes extensive realistic equipment: surface and attack radars, variable-power periscope, torpedo data computer, and much more. Armament supplies include everything from a selection of old reliable Mark 10s to advanced wakeless (but unproven) Mark 18 torpedoes that can be fired from both fore and aft torpedo tubes. Use detailed Pacific and Atlantic charts to plot your course and navigate right to the action. But be careful not to get rammed or depth-charged by enemy ships, depicted in truly unprecedented 3D detail. And try to avoid the embarrassment of running aground on an uncharted Pacific atoll!


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Up Periscope! (USA)
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