Spitball - Commodore 64

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OBJECT: To maneuver your tube around a maze and to spit balls through openings at the enemy tubes in an attempt to destroy them and gain points.HOW TO PLAY: One or two players may play. Player 1 uses joystick control port 1; player 2 uses port 2. Either player may press the button to start the game. Each player moves his tubes around the screen with the joystick. You can spit a ball through any large intersection by pressing the button. If the ball moves through a gate, it will flip the state of that gate. The more gates a ball moves through, the higher your points. A ball must have gone through a gate in order to destroy a player. A stationary ball may be picked up by passing over it (except the blue bomb ball; it's DEADLY!). The bomb ball will degenerate after a while and can then be picked up. Moving balls are also dangerous. At the start of all levels (except Level 1) there is a safety period during which you can wait for moving balls to stop. Simply move the joystick to start your tube moving again. To advance a level you must destroy all the enemy tubes.LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY: There are 8 levels of play. At levels 1 through 4 there is one enemy tube, at levels 5 and above there are two enemies to destroy, and at levels 7 and 8 the balls are only visible for short durations.SCORING: Points for passing through a gate: 5 for each gate.Points for hitting an enemy tube: 50 times the difficulty level times the number of gates.MOVEMENT: Move the joystick forward, backward, left, and right to move your tube up, down, left, and right. The four gates on the outside track are passageways; they send you in the direction that they are pointing. While in a passage, you can't reverse direction. To pause the game (for a phone call or munchie attack) press the Commodore logo key (it is the lower leftmost key).


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