Might and Magic: Book One - Commodore 64

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Feel the Power, Experience the Magic.Lead your party of hand-picked adventurers into the enchanted Land of Varn. From dark, moldy caverns, through corridors of majestic castles, you'll travel in search of clues to unlock the Secret of the Inner Sanctum!ADVENTURE!Daring exploits of heroism and sorcery will keep you riveted for hours!MIGHT!Choose from a variety of extraordinary personalities, and lead them on an adventure of a lifetime!DISCOVERY!Over 250 weapons and items, and more than 92 mystical spells to use in your search for the Inner Sanctum!DANGER!Battle legions of ravenous monsters as you travel through forests and islands shrouded in mystery!SURVIVAL!The Battery Back-up feature will save your party from extinction, and Auto-mapping will display and retrace every step of your journey!


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Might and Magic: Book One (USA)
New World Computing
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