Xyphus - Commodore 64

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The armies of Das the Conqueror stand poised to sweep across the lost continent of Arroya. But the land is ruled by a demon lord and is steeped in magic. Its plains, forests, mountains, and swamps abound with hostile, dangerous creatures the likes of which have never been faced by the armies of civilization. It is told in a folksong that a small band of native wizardlings and warriors, no more than four strong, can slay the long-suffered demon lord Xyphus and open the continent to subjugation. As long as Xyphus lives, his demon minions shall roam the land and Arroya shall never fall to mortal hands. Das has promised suzerainty over the Central Steppes of Arroya to the ones that slay the demon lord, yet none have returned to claim the reward...


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Xyphus (USA)
Penguin Software
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