The Heist - Colecovision

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Join forces with the worlds greatest super-agent, Graham Crackers and experience the chilling suspense and unknown terrors of international espionage with the newest breed of arcade action games.You must infiltrate a museum that's really a front for a terrorist organization and cleverly Heist all the artwork in search of the secret microdot or the world is DOOMED.Grab the keys. Open the doors. Use your skill to move super-agent Graham Crackers through 90 hazard filled rooms (144 on Apple). Each room is fiendishly equipped with a multitude of death-traps and dead ends. You could be ambushed at any time. Be alert, and don't panic!Only you can help Graham Crackers make death-defying leaps from moving platforms and guide him away from man eating robots and sweeper drones.Dodge tons of falling boxes and crushing stompers along with a host of other surprise pitfalls. Break away from trouble by riding the escalator and elevator. But hurry, there's no time to waste!Defy the odds with your own strategy and cunning through the high-energy challenges and risks of THE HEIST.Search 90 boobytrapped rooms (144 on Apple) for top-secret microfilm!


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The Heist (USA)
Micro Fun MCL520
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