Aerostar - Game Boy

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World War VI left the Earth desolate and inhabitable. Many years later, the Intergalactic Council discovered that Earth could once again be populated, and people returned to rebuild their lives. Unknown to them, mutant forces had gone undetected, and are now wrecking havoc on the defenseless humans. Fearing the total extermination of the Earth, the Intergalactic Council has deployed AEROSTAR, the most powerful fighter ever built. This state-of-the-art vehicle of destruction is Earth's only hope for salvation, but is useless without the right pilot...


Game Detail

Aerostar (Japan)
Vic Tokai DMG-AEJ 4966550291021
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Aerostar (SunSoft release) (USA)
SunSoft DMG-AE-USA 20763120135
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Aerostar (Vic Tokai release) (USA)
Vic Tokai DMG-AE-USA 34912784673
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Aerostar (Europe)
Vic Tokai DMG-AE-ITA
Aerostar (Australia)
Vic Tokai DMG-AE
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