Mario's Picross - Game Boy

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This challenging puzzler requires logic to reveal mysterious hidden pictures! Help Mario unlock the mystery of Picross. The secrets lie in the numeric codes at the top and on the left side of each window. Decipher these numbers and uncover a hidden picture in every mind-bending puzzle. It will take quick wits and a speedy pace to solve the clues before the clock runs out. Chisel away boxes strategically and reveal the hidden image in record time. Be careful - every mistake will cost you precious minutes. There are more than 250 brain-bending puzzles to solve. Different levels of difficulty provide mind-melting puzzle action for players of any skill level.This game is only playable in 2D.


Game Detail

Mario no Picross (Japan)
Nintendo DMG-APCJ-JPN 4902370502121
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Mario's Picross (USA)
Nintendo DMG-APCE-USA 45496730413 K-A
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Mario's Picross (Europe)
Mario's Picross (Australia)
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