Ninja Gaiden Shadow - Game Boy

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Now for your Game Boy! Fight with the all new Ninja Gaiden "Shadow" through his awesome new adventure. Collect the secret ninja power-ups to gain energy and ninja life force. Use the new ninja "ninchaku" rope and the "art of the fire wheel" to defeat your enemies. Use your proven ninja skills, and techniques to fight your way through the many challenging new levels and "bosses".Features:- Single Player Action- Superior Graphics- Special Power-ups- Hidden Ninja Life Force- New Ninja Skills- Challenging New "Bosses"


Game Detail

Ninja Ryukenden GB (Japan)
Tecmo DMG-NGJ 4960677270044
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Ninja Gaiden Shadow (USA)
Tecmo DMG-NG
Shadow Warriors (Europe)
Tecmo DMG-NG
Ninja's Skyscraper Fight (Asia)
Tecmo DMG-126-CHN
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