Wave Race - Game Boy

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Jump aboard your Personal Water Craft and hit the waves! Pick one of three versatile PWC's - the nimble 550cc, the speedy 650cc, or the high-powered 800cc National Class racer. Splash your way through 8 tracks in the racing circuit, or compete in 8 different breakneck slalom courses. Watch the spray fly as you leave your opponents swamped in your wake! Save your quickest lap and course times. Race to top your fastest speed, or challenge up to three of your friends with the Four Player Adapter and pour on the power!


Game Detail

Wave Race (USA)
Nintendo DMG-WA-USA-2 45496730222 E
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Wave Race (Europe)
Nintendo DMG-WA 45496730222
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Wave Race (Player's Choice) (USA)
Nintendo DMG-WA K-A
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